"Death, Hell, or Canada" - Dryden and the War of 1812

Talk given at the Dryden Historical Society, September 19th, 2013

1812v2 from Simon St.Laurent

Two centuries ago, Dryden militia crossed the Niagara River into Canada in one of the early battles of this often forgotten war. Thomas Jefferson was wrong: conquering Canada was more than "a mere matter of marching". The attempt on Queenston failed, though British General Brock died in its defense.

Come learn about the perilous adventures of Dryden men and the state and national political whirlpools that were more hazardous than the Niagara River itself. Meet Governor Daniel Tompkins, namesake of our county, as he fought to keep New York State together in difficult times.

We like to remember "the rockets' red glare", our surprisingly good performance at sea, and Andrew Jackson's victory at New Orleans after the peace treaty was signed. We also need to remember our town's role in the war, even when it didn't go so well.

Thanks to the Dryden Town Historical Society for the opportunity to present, in particular the Program Committee. Extra thanks go to Molly Adams, who helped me find the Caroline pieces. For the second version, thanks to the History Center for having me present, and Carol Kammen and William Bement for connecting me to more Tompkins County militia information.

Redcoats firing a musket volley.
Redcoats firing a musket volley.

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Photo sets (all August 2013):

Another useful CC-licensed set of photos is Andres Musta's Battle of Queenston Heights, on the 2012 reenactment.

I've also posted the Photoshop files for the maps of the Niagara and Lewiston/Queenston areas (6.5MB zip containing PSD files).

Brock cenotaph and monument.
Cenotaph and monument for the fallen General Brock.

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Reaching for a paper cartridge.
Reaching for a paper cartridge.

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