November 17, 2003

Joint hearing on annexation

The Ithaca Journal legal notices contain an announcement that:

the Town Board of the Town of Dryden and the Village Board of the Village of Dryden will hold a joint public hearing on the petition of Konstantinos Katsiroumbas for annexation to the Village of Dryden of Town of Dryden tax map parcel no. 38.-1-30.12 containing approximately 21 acres. The territory proposed to be annexed contains the site of a proposed New York State Department of Transportation garage and office facility. The parcel to be annexed fronts on Enterprise Drive and Ellis Drive in the Town of Dryden.

Mark your calendars for December 18, 7pm, at the Village Hall.

This one's not yet listed on the Town of Dryden Public Notices page. It's a ways off, though.

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