March 1, 2004

Fifth grader to New Zealand, economy to improve

In today's Dryden Town Talk, Cathy Wakeman tells of Kody Kirkland, a fifth-grade student at Dryden Elementary who will be a "student ambassador to Australia and New Zealand" along with sixteen other kids from central New York and a dozen from Philadelphia.

She also notes that registration for Kiwanis baseball and softball, for kids from kindgeraten through seventh grade who live in the Town of Dryden or the Dryden Central School District, is this week and next.

Also in the Journal, Professor Elia Kacapyr, who writes the monthly pieces on the Tompkins County economy, told the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce that the area could expect to see around 1,000 jobs created this year. Only 200 jobs were created last year.

There's also a letter to the editor from Shirley Woods of Freeville castigating the Mayor of San Francisco for permitting gay marriage.

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