March 23, 2004

Local giving to presidential candidates

Thanks to Fundrace, a site keeping track of election donation records, you can explore political donations by what location they came from. It's a little limited, in that it chops up information by zip codes, and the Town of Dryden contains both 130-- and 148-- zip codes, but you can get a picture by looking at donations by distance from Dryden Town Hall, or donations by distance from my house, which is near the eastern edge of 14850.

For a very different picture, using zip code only sorts the donations by dollar amount rather than locations - the results for 13053 and 14850 are pretty different.

They also have a national map. It's strange to see counties in the southern tier of New York trending Democrat blue, while the Thruway zone trends more Republican red and neutral white.

I haven't given yet, but this year I definitely will.

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