March 30, 2004

Sustainable Tompkins salon meets

Thirteen people, including four Dryden residents, met last night at Rogues Harbor in Lansing as part of the Sustainable Tompkins project. This was the first meeting of the "salon", which will gather every Monday there through May 3. (There are salons every night of the week, but this is the one that seemed closest to Dryden.)

The meeting, which ran according to Conversation Cafe process, talked about a wide range of things connected to sustainability and making a smaller impact on the earth. Some attendees talked about national politics (like energy policy), others about state politics (like taxes being pushed on to the counties), others about local politics (like the complexities of the Town of Dryden Draft Comprehensive Plan), and others about the many things people can do without having to deal with the political process explicitly. Making sustainable choices affordable was a key concern throughout.

One attendee noted that he'd been worried that it "would be a group of yuppie tree-huggers" and was happy that didn't turn out to be the case. There were no instant answers, but it was a good gathering of people looking for better ways to do things.

The salons are open to the public, and there's no requirement of prior attendance to go, so you can show up any time in the next five weeks at one of these meetings if you'd like to see what's going on.

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