March 30, 2004

Turkey Hill and Monkey Run

Moving toward Varna from the last set of buildings, 1101 Dryden Road is the last house in the 1100 block, though it looks like it's on Turkey Hill Road. 2 Monkey Run Road, though it isn't precisely on 366, looks as if it is. (Its driveway seems to be on Forest Lane, complicating things further.)

1101 Dryden Road
1101 Dryden Road (map)

2 Monkey Run Road
2 Monkey Run Road (map)

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John said:

Yes, the driveway is on Forest Lane. The reason the address 2 Monkey Run RD is used instead of 2 Forest Lane is because the post office has no problem with it and (IMO) there is less of a chance of mail getting misrouted.

2 Forest Lane is almost guaranteed to be occasionally confused with 2 Forest Park Lane (a Cornell fraternity house). However, as far as I know there is no similar address which 2 Monkey Run RD might be confused with. ;-)