April 9, 2004

Just past the bridge

Moving toward Varna along Route 366 past the F.H. Fox bridge, the next few properties aren't the usual houses and businesses. Instead, there's an odd building with two fire hydrants. I asked Highway Superintendent Jack Bush what it was last night, and he said it's a pumping station that pumps water that comes in over the Freese Road bridge up to the water tanks behind the NYSEG building.

Varna water pumping station from the street
Varna water pumping station from the street

Varna water pumping station
Varna water pumping station

Update: Duane Testut, Treasurer of the Varna Volunteer Fire Company, wrote to explain why there are two hydrants around the pumping station near the F.H. Fox bridge.

If the pump should fail or require maintenance, VVFC (the fire company) brings down one of their big pumps - either the tanker or the engine capable of 1250 and 1500 gpm respectively - and hooks up to the lower hydrant as an intake to the pump and the upper hydrant as a discharge. The water to the tanks at NYSEG is now flowing again.

I never thought of fire trucks being used that way, but if something goes wrong with that pump, it's great to know a temporary fix is that easy.

Next on the right are Cornell experimental fields. They used to be a great place to walk dogs, but sadly that ended a year and a half ago.

Cornell research fields in Varna
Cornell research fields in Varna

No dogs allow
Sign prohibiting dogs at Cornell research fields in Varna

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joycekantor said:

interesting site! since the coup in dryden, i've wondered about trying to monitor the meetings of the new regime, but haven't. i fail to understand why it's the function of government to purchase a golf course...