April 15, 2004

News including Dryden

After yesterday's relative torrent of Dryden news, today's Ithaca Journal is fairly quiet about Dryden. Three pieces definitely affect Dryden, though:

There's also a piece in the New York Times (registration required) that Verizon is considering selling off its upstate lines, which include part of Dryden. The first two paragraphs:

Verizon, the state's largest local telephone company, said Wednesday that it was considering selling off all its phone lines in upstate New York, prompting some state lawmakers and union officials to warn that jobs and service quality could be put at risk.
Paul A. Crotty, the group president for New York and Connecticut at Verizon, told a State Assembly hearing here that the company had "asked for expressions of interest" from companies that might consider buying its 2.5 million phone lines in upstate New York from Orange County out to Buffalo. But he said that no sale was pending.
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