April 9, 2004

School board news in The Shopper

This week's issue of The Shopper includes the latest edition of the Dryden Central School Board Briefs, from the meeting where, as item 4 notes:

35 community members addressed the Board about budget related concerns including: concern about too high a percentage tax levy increase; proposed music cuts; proposed modified sports cuts; proposed new math courses; proposed art cuts; need for retaining the science position funded with a Legislative grant; proposed cut of computer lab teacher assistant at MS; proposed .5 Librarian cut; concern about cutting all programs; proposed reduction in co-curricular offerings; proposed wrestling program cut; fee for the consultant for the superintendent search; proposed technology cut; preserving academics; proposed business cuts; preserving athletics; adding to the tax levy; consolidating elementary schools

If anyone wants to join the conversation on the board side, another ad in The Shopper notes that there are three three-year terms up for election on May 18th. Petitions with 31 signatures are due by 5pm on April 19th in the District Clerk's office.

(I've put up an archive of recent Board Briefs, though it's not quite complete.)

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