April 16, 2004

The Meeting Master

I've had stranger titles, but the Ithaca Journal's Jennie Daley gives me that one in Meeting up with the meeting master, in which she profiles the work I've done on this blog.

Most of it echoes our conversation at Googer's verbatim - I wish I could take notes like that! - but there are a couple of minor things. I haven't yet been to a Conservation Advisory Board meeting, though I'm planning on getting there soon. I've been writing for six months but only attending meetings for four months, though I think I'll reach six months soon enough! Also, at the time of the interview, I was a member of the Dryden Democratic Committee, and Tuesday I became the Chair.

I can't say I thought much of this would happen when I started this, but as adventures go, this one's going very well.

Update: Jon Udell of Infoworld Magazine picked up this story and talks a bit about how it connects to the potential of weblogging more generally.

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