May 6, 2004

Lane on energy and costs

Today's Ithaca Journal reports that the county legislature's Planning, Development and Environmental Quality Committee tabled a motion calling for the county to get 5% of its energy from renewable sources by 2008. The reason: unknown costs.

Though Senior Planner Heather Filiberto said that "The costs are almost competitive with the purchase of fossil fuels," the proposal apparently didn't have hard figures. County Legislator Mike Lane asked for details, saying:

"This is going to raise the county's energy bill," Lane said. "I would like to see those facts before it is a county policy."

Filiberto is to return in June and the proposal will be considered then. The proposal came from the county's Environmental Management Council and its Planning Department.

The Journal also includes an article on racial conflicts in the Ithaca school district, and an letter from Dryden resident Bruce Lane endorsing fellow Dryden resident David Lee's run for the Ithaca school board.

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