May 16, 2004

Resources explaining local government in New York

One of the challenges in writing this site has been sorting out which government entity is responsible for what. The state, county, town, and village responsibilities all feel intermingled, and it gets even more complicated when I try to figure out the flows of money between them and the way that affects the taxes we pay directly to them.

I've found a few resources which are very helpful. The New York Department of State has a publications list, which includes a wide variety of documents. The best place to start is probably the Local Government Handbook (1504KB PDF, 257 pages), which explains government from the state level down. They also have information on all kinds of local legal issues, from agricultural districts to zoning.

The New York Association of Towns also has all kinds of information, notably publications like the Town Law Handbook, Office of Town Highway Superintendent, and Office of Town Clerk. They cost a few dollars - they're on paper - but they have a lot of information.

There's also the New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials. Most of their publications (Handbook for Elected Village Officials, Local Government Resource Book: Innovative Projects & Programs in NYS) are unfortunately for members only. A $10 book costs a lot more when a $650 membership is required to make the purchase! They do have some files linked from the bottom of their front page, though, including information on village incorporation and a guide to performing marriages.

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