May 13, 2004

School happenings in The Shopper

Dryden school elections, budgets, and news dominate the Community News section of this week's The Shopper. There are advertisements from Paul Lutwak, Margaret DeGaetano, and Anderson Young, candidates for the board, as well as an ad from David Branagan opposing the school board budget.

There are also reminders from the district about the budget proposition and a proposition to purchase school buses, as well as the list of candidates. Another ad mentions absentee ballots, which need to be delivered personally at this point. The district offices are also moving to the Dryden Middle School effective May 17th.

The Dryden Central School Board Briefs are also in The Shopper, though they haven't been posted on the web site yet. (The April 27th briefs weren't posted either.)

There are also ads from the Dryden Soccer Club, looking for officers and coordinators, from Covenant Love Community School advertising an open house tonight from 7-9pm, and from the Dryden Town Historical Society for its May 17th "Lehigh Valley Memories" presentation with Daniel Armitage, at 7:30pm at the Dryden Village Hall (map).

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