June 17, 2004

Etna ice cream social

Today was the kind of day that really calls for ice cream, so I stopped by the Etna Community Association's ice cream social at Houtz Hall on my way to the Planning Board meeting. For $1.75, I got two huge scoops of strawberry ice cream with hot fudge and a tasty brownie. I wasn't the only one enjoying myself, either.

Etna Community Association ice cream social
Etna Community Association ice cream social

I left the social early to get to a Planning Board meeting that was supposed to start with some hearings on subdivisions in the Etna area, but the board didn't have a quorum, so those hearings have to be rescheduled. Instead, the board talked with a large audience about the potential impact of the Draft Comprehensive Plan on farms. That'll take me a few days to write up.

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