June 20, 2004

Voter registration by party

I finally got to look at the registration data I picked up from the Board of Elections in May. People have probably moved in and out of the district, adding new voters and taking others out, but this is where registrations in Dryden stood in May.

Blank (Independent)1720
Working Families20

I'd heard at various times about Republican and Democratic advantage here, but it looks like it's within two votes for the major parties.

Posted by simon at June 20, 2004 1:14 PM in
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NYCO said:

Wow, that's pretty amazing - I would have thought Republicans would have a clear advantage.

BTW, I also enjoyed reading about the green-space ag zoning debate too. What do people in Dryden think about your coverage of the meetings?

I think I've made myself a local curiosity, though I'm not sure how much impact I'm having. I suspect most Dryden residents still don't know I'm here.

Sifting through web server logs suggests that I'm getting about a hundred hits a day that aren't either search engine spiders or search engine references, and a lot of those look like local IP addresses, which is promising. I had a nice growth spurt in the spring, but it's slowed down.

Judging from the feedback I've had, a few people are definitely interested in the meetings, but even those people tend to think I'm a little crazy for subjecting myself to them. I've also had less time to write them up lately, which is a problem that's hard to solve!