August 4, 2004

Political categories

The "politics" category had accumulated enough stories that it was getting hard to see from the archives quite what was going on here. I've now split it into three categories. There's now a politics (local) category that focuses on town, village, and county politics. There's a politics (state) category that focuses on New York State politics. Finally, there's a politics (national) category for political issues involving the federal government.

I didn't originally think there'd be a need for a national politics category, as I generally write at the local and maybe state levels here, but it's important to cover Dryden residents' opinions and activities on the national level, and it also provides a good place to cover congressional races that include Dryden.

(If you're wondering what I'm talking about, scroll down the page and you'll eventually see a list of categories along the left-hand side.)

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