August 18, 2004

Purchasing farm development rights

This week's Dryden Courier has fairly little about Dryden in it. Even one of the front page articles takes place over in Mecklenburg. On the bright side, the lead article on Dryden has a lot of detail on an important happening.

Monika Roth of Cornell Cooperative Extension gave an initial presentation at last week's Town Board meeting on the possibility of the town applying to the state to buy development rights from farms here. Those rights would be held by the town, or by a third party like Finger Lakes Land Trust, and the farmers would get cash up front - 75% of the potential development value of their properties. Tony Hall takes a close look at what the program means on a number of levels, with lots of detail on the farms and farmers involved.

There are also a number of letters supporting Congressman Boehlert, though none of them are from Dryden, and a notice about tonight's concert by Sunny Weather frontman Trevor MacDonald.

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