October 31, 2004

Decorating funds, wonderful schools, letters

This weeks' Dryden Courier takes a look at the Dryden Decorating Committee's efforts to raise funds, as they look for an additional $4,000 for wreaths to decorate village lightposts. The Village Board turned them down this time. There's also an article on psychologist Ellen deLara, who concluded after a four-month study that Dryden High School is largely a safe place, comparing favorably with other schools.

In the Letters to the Editor, Peter Davies of Dryden encourages readers to vote for change in Dryden's congressional representation, suggesting that Jeff Miller "is a forceful and eloquent speaker who will be our strong voice in Washington." Nicholas Nicastro of Dryden asks "What message might future presidents take from eight years of George Bush?" and concludes that:

"[Bush's] electoral success will inspire imitators who can pretty much count on winning the Presidency by pandering to social conservatives and evangelicals. The time is now to disabuse them of that notion."

The Courier's sister paper, the Ithaca Times, looks at redistricting in the Ithaca City School District, which will possibly affect the Varna, Ellis Hollow, and Bethel Grove areas.

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