October 12, 2004

Fall foliage

While visiting Yellow Trail One, I took a lot more pictures of fall foliage around the Hammond Hill area. Feeling adventurous, I drove down Star Stanton Road past the warning that the road was abandoned, and then turned south along a forest access road that eventually led me to Canaan Road in the Town of Caroline.

I was a little concerned that I was going to have another encounter with a tow truck, as my seven-year-old Saturn isn't really equipped for off-road adventures, but I made it. Even when it looked like I was genuinely in the middle of nowhere, there was traffic - I backed up to a spot where I could get off the road to let another car go by. Strange.

Along the forest access road
Along the forest access road.

I've posted my set of fall foliage pictures, including pictures along the Yellow One Trail.

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