October 21, 2004

History of the Dryden Grange

A week from tonight, the Dryden Town Historical Society will be taking a close look at the organization behind Dryden Dairy Day: the Dryden Grange. Mary Hornbuckle sent this notice:

The Dryden Grange

The Grange is the nation's oldest national agricultural organization with grassroots units in 3,600 local communities in 37 states. It was formed in the years following the Civil War to unite private citizens in improving the economic and social position of the nation's farm population. The Dryden Grange 1112 has served the farming community in this area since 1907. It is one of only two town Grange units still in existence in Tompkins County (the other is in Enfield).

On Thursday, October 28, 2004, the Dryden Town Historical Society will join with the Dryden Grange in presenting a program about the history of this dynamic hometown agrarian organization. Frances Mary Schutt, a long-time Grange member, will lead the discussion focusing on the history of the Dryden Grange and the challenges facing it today. Grange related documents and photos will be on display and all past and current members are invited to share their memories.

Farming in the town of Dryden is changing and agriculture faces pressures from every direction. Granges across the country are shutting their doors. The Dryden community is fortunate to have a dedicated membership that keeps Dryden Grange 1112 strong and active. This program will appeal to all who have enjoyed the spirit of Dryden Dairy Day (an annual Grange event for the past 20 years) and the hometown atmosphere that makes living in the town of Dryden so special.

Join us on Thursday, October 28th, at the Dryden Fire Hall (corner of North Street and Neptune Drive, Dryden). The doors will open at 7 PM to view displays and the program will begin at 7:30 PM. The program is free and open to all and cider and donuts will be served.

For more information contact: Gina Prentiss (844-4691), Mary Hornbuckle (898-3461) or Frances Mary Schutt (844-8467).

Frustratingly, it conflicts with a Planning Board meeting that night. Decisions, decisions...

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