October 18, 2004

Time at Toads

Once again, I've been slow getting to covering the Dryden Courier, though I enjoyed reading it last week. The lead article, "Restaurant Doubles as 'Freeville Central' for Locals" visits Toad's, on Route 38 in Freeville. It's not a restaurant review, but rather a look at a place where people come to talk, and of course eat!

There's also an article on students playing the LeMoyne College Stock Market Game at Dryden High School. The game lets students make bets on the stock market, though no real money is involved. They start with $100,000 with which they buy stocks. Last spring Dryden's best team made a 54.5% return on their investments at a time when most market indicators were down. Dryden teams have won the event four times since 1999.

In the columns, Harry Weldon describes a trip to Norwich he took with Dryden Senior Citizens.

(In case you're curious where to find the Courier, it's pretty widely available in the Village of Dryden. The furthest west I've found it is the Sunoco station on the overlap of Routes 13 and 366.)

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