November 18, 2004

Sherwood Boehlert and Tom DeLay

An interesting tidbit about Dryden's recently re-elected congressman just came across my radar. Blogger Joshua Micah Marshall has been encouraging readers to contact their Republican congressmen about how they voted on modifying their rule that House leaders can't serve when under indictment, a move plainly mean to keep Rep. Tom DeLay (D-TX) as majority leader from losing his job if he's indicted for funneling illegal campaign donations to Texas state legislature candidates.

The Dryden connection? Apparently Sherwood Boehlert has "a policy of only discussing his position on the DeLay Rule in letters to constituents."

I guess I'll have to write him.

Update: The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that Boehlert wasn't at the meeting, but supported the move.

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NYCO said:

Well, I have written Jim Walsh about it. Wonder if I'll get a response.