January 7, 2005

"Ask Amy" profiled

At Mayer's last night, I noticed a headline on The Atlantic about the "Ask Amy" advice column. I remember Amy Dickinson having a Freeville connection, and sure enough, it's an article about her. You can read the opening of the article online, or pick up the magazine for eight dense pages of positive profile.

A local highlight comes late in the article:

In Dickinson's home town for Halloween weekend, I began to understand where this ability comes from. Freeville, New York, where her ancestors settled in the years after the Revolutionary War, is the kind of place Garrison Keillor deadpans about, but whose complexities Thornton Wilder truly understood.

Though she lives in Chicago now (the column is syndicated through the Chicago Tribune), it's good to know that growing up here provides wisdom enough to provide advice to the world!

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