April 8, 2005

Hammond Hill trail update

It looks like there will be another work day and block party on Hammond Hill this year, as Ann Leonard writes with news of the trail's condition:

Dear Friends of Hammond Hill

I'm a bit late getting started on the Second Annual Hammond Hill Block Party, compared to last year... I guess work overload does that to you... but I got that necessary nudge last night after having walked our trails.

Bad news is, the rainstorm last weekend did a number on our nicely rejuvenated Yellow Trail One. Good news is, with some muscle and a bit of gravel and maybe another pipe or two , we can put it back together. The worst spot is, not surprisingly, the short steep hill climbing out of the gully near the beginning of the trail. Our ditch did a stellar job of keeping water from washing out our graveled track, but the lower water pipe got blocked by a flat rock and consequently all that water washed out the trail below it. It's not something I would ride a horse or a bike on, at this point.

It's a bit early to put even a "bandaid fix" on, the ground is very soft. (We still have snow and ice on some sections of trail!) Would be good to get a couple work days scheduled though. First one just to do basic bandaid so that the trail is at least passably safe and water doesn't continue to erode the base, then another later once the ground dries out so that we can put a tractor with gravel over it.

The second work day can be our block party day as well. I'm thinking a dish to pass supper and music with lots of info from the various clubs, but maybe not the all out mini events of last year.

The trail coffers hold $500, I will call the gravel bank and find out how far that can get us. If we need more, ...well, let's cross that bridge when (or if) we come to it!

If folks could get back to me on when other clubs are planning trail work days, as well as potential time conflicts, that would be immensely helpful for my scheduling efforts.

PLEASE pass this along to your various list serves: bikers, birders, history buffs, land trust folks, runners, equestrians, skiers, snowmobilers and so forth. I have already notified the orienteers.

Ann Leonard

If you're interested, use the comment link below and I'll make sure your message gets to Ann. I'll post more about this as dates become firmer. Last year's work and block party were great fun, and I highly recommend them.

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