June 15, 2005

My house is turning white

I'd never planned to live in a white house, and the final coats of paint definitely won't be white, but my house has now changed from this brown:

1259 Dryden Road
1259 Dryden Road

to this:

House in white primer
My house in white primer.

As usual, I've posted a gallery of images, starting with a look at the house before they started this round of work. It's not captioned like the last set of exterior pictures I posted, but it starts with rot in some boards, and moves through Bob's crew from Perfect Painters scraping and priming the house, with some looks at Tom's carpentry, replacing sills and some other rotted boards, along the way. I especially like the pictures of the sash weights exposed from the outside and the back of our ancient sheetrock, which is apparently from Buffalo.

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