June 3, 2005

Varna, Bulgaria, meets Varna, NY

One of the wilder things about the World Wide Web is that it's genuinely World Wide. This isn't always helpful - doing a Google search on "Varna" brings up a lot about Varna, Bulgaria. Sometimes it gets more interesting, though!

On Monday, I had an email from Jordan Todorov of 168 Hours, a weekly newspaper published in Bulgaria. He was looking for information about Varna, as it shares a name with the third-largest city in Bulgaria. I didn't have much to tell him about the name, though I think he reached other people who knew more, but he put up an article using some of the photos on this site.

Aerial photo of Varna, published in Bulgaria
Aerial photo of Varna, published in Bulgarian newsweekly 168 Hours.

Jordan said I could post the following excerpts, so here are three pages on Varna from 168 Hours. All of them are in Bulgarian, and the Cyrillic characters make it hard even to guess.

Even if I can't read it, it's very cool to see it. Anyone speak Bulgarian?

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Jeanne S. said:

I thought it might interest you to know that I live in Varna, Illinois. Like Jordan, I was doing research on Varna and came across this site. I also work with the Varna Fire Protection District as an EMT and was delighted to see there is a hamlet of Varna in NY and they have a Varna Fire Protection District as well.

The source of all the paper articles, TV/radio news and web pages on 'Varna around the world' in Bulgarian is http://varna.info.bg
If you wish you can send me some pics of your Varna and I'll post them on the site. This is an idea I intend to realize in near future. Thank you.

Arockalypse said:

I live in Varna,Bulgaria and I'll explain what is written in the article.It is mainly a historic overview of Varna,NY ;there is some information about other towns with this name(as well as other towns with names that Bulgarian towns have e.g. Burgas,Rousse,the capital Sofia)and an interview with Kiril Yordanov,mayor of Varna,Bulgaria,where he has been asked if Varna,NY and Varna,BG can become twin cities.

Eric T said:

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