October 18, 2005

Farmstand, prospective skatepark

I've been slack in covering the Dryden Courier lately, and I should cover it while it's still available. This week, it's even been available for free at the XtraMart at the Sunoco station on the Route 13/366 overlap with any purchase, so it's a good chance to check out the local weekly.

The Courier visits BB Farms, also on 13/366, and talks about its evolution from a sale in a parking lot to its current incarnation with a barn and all kinds of products. Pumpkins are popular now, and they'll be selling Christmas trees later.

The Courier also reports on a "skate equipment exhibition and tryout" held at Montgomery Park to see how much interest there would be in building a skate park in memory of Chris Ackley, who was collecting petitions for one when he was killed in an accident June 14th. His parents have talked with both the Village of Dryden and the Town of Dryden, and the Town sponsored the exhibition event.

There are two letters to the editor on the opinion page, one from Jim Skaley supporting Martha Robertson's re-election campaign for county legislature, citing her work on the TompkinsRx card and a Park and Ride for the Varna area as two key reasons to support her. Another letter from Kevin Kimber recommending Paul Lutwak for Town Board, citing Lutwak's fiscal conservatism, his background as an outdoorsman, and his being "an innovative thinker, a careful planner, and a consensus builder".

In sports, the Courier reports on Dryden's 2-0 loss to Lansing in boys soccer, and notes Dryden graduate Landon Allmendinger's success playing for TC3 men's soccer.

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