October 3, 2005

Foxglove and Wizards

This week's Dryden Courier leads with stories on Freeville's Foxglove Bed & Breakfast, which has been in business since 1997, and the upcoming visit of the Harlem Wizards to take on a team of Dryden school staff and coaches. The Wizards game will be held on Wednesday at Dryden High School at 7:00pm, and is a fundraiser for the Dryden Booster Club.

There's also an article on Betty Postle's volunteer work at Freeville Elementary School, marking 35 years of volunteer service.

There's a very strange item in the police log, where an apparently inebriated Ithaca man broke into a house on North Street, pulled a wood stove off the patio, left while the resident called the police, and came back to get the stove again 45 minutes later. Police watched him try to load the stove in his car and then arrested him.

The editorial takes a uniquely balanced look at the controversy at last month's Town Board meeting over the proposed Comprehensive Plan, praising past delay while calling for future action:

It is said that decisions are made by the people who show up.... Those people that finally showed up were able to have the decision made in their favor [to delay adoption].

But what of those who had been showing up? They had been actively participating in the process all along.... Now, just as their work was about to see a payoff, latecomers crash the party and push it back further, to make sure their voices were heard...

So, to the residents of the Town of Dryden: take this opportunity now to go over the comprehensive plan and speak your mind. You have some more time to do so.

To the members of the Town Board: once again, congratulations on a fine decision, and one in advance for getting the job done. But we ask that you not delay the decision any more than it already has. The time for this to be implemented has come.

In sports, the Lansing-Dryden boys soccer match was postponed because of lightning, Dryden girls soccer beat Groton 4-0, and Lansing beat Dryden in girls swimming.

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