October 9, 2005

Looking forward to the economy of the 1970s

It's been a while since I wrote about the 1968 General Plan, but I've finally scanned in the section on the local economy. You can read it in clearer (1125KB PDF) or selectable form (1035KB PDF).

Dryden in 1968 had already begun its transition from a rural town focused on farming and industry to a more suburban town with greater focus on Ithaca, and to some degree Cortland. Many residents commuted to work elsewhere in Tompkins County, with a few commuting as far as Binghamton or Syracuse. Agriculture was still important, though the plan describes 1860-1900 as the peak of farming in Dryden, and notes many natural impediments to modern 'intensive' farming.

Looking at the charts, it's clear that during this period neighboring Groton had vastly more manufacturing activity, while the end of the section notes that:

The more intensive industrial activity in the region, however, is developing in the South Cortland area adjacent to Route 281.

Some of that activity is still there; much of it isn't.

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