October 13, 2005

Town Board approves Comprehensive Plan

After some discussion, the Dryden Town Board approved the Comprehensive Plan tonight, minus the "spiderweb" of additional trails added in September.

At the end of the meeting, the board considered both the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) and the plan, adopted with modifications in a resolution proposed by Councilman Mike Hattery. Hattery's proposal originally seemed kind of mysterious, as only board members had copies, but Hattery read the resolution and described the changes after the SEQR was complete. Town Attorney Mahlon Perkins gave me his copy, so you can read the resolution including the changes for yourself.

The net result was to shift the trail map back from the March 25th version (295KB PDF) to something resembling an older version (301KB PDF), minus the trails shown in the Irish Settlement/Ferguson Road area and the Ellis Hollow trail, though the latter is still listed as for "further study".

Town Board performs environmental review before approving Comprehensive Plan
Town Board performs environmental review before approving Comprehensive Plan.

Councilmen Steve Stelick and Hattery were especially concerned that the plan get regular updates, and Planning Board member David Weinstein sounded enthusiastic. He also noted that the Planning Board was looking forward to some implementation in the near future, especially cluster subdivision possibilities.

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