November 6, 2005

After-school programs, elementary school foyer

I missed covering last week's Dryden Courier, and there are only a few days left to get the current issue. I've chosen some especially unfortunate issues to cover late.

If you want to get a feel for all the candidates up for election Tuesday, I strongly recommend getting this week's Dryden Courier. It includes answers to a questionnaire from Legislative candidates Athena Kalandros (9), Duane "Tyke" Randall (9), W. David Restey (13), Martha Robertson (13), Mike Hattery (14), and Mike Lane (14), as well as Town Board candidates Paul Lutwak, Steve Stelick, Mary Ann Sumner, and Daniel Tier.

Both issues have cover stories on activities at the Dryden schools. The older issue (October 26th) visits the Dryden Middle School performing Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, and looks at steps the district is taking to try to address a $50,000 deficit on their school lunch program. The newer issue (November 2nd) looks at after-school programs for teenagers held at Cassavant Elementary School in McLean, and at Dryden Elementary students' participation in designing a floor for the school foyer.

The older issue's editorial remarks on the changing weather, which has gone from brief snow to warm and sunny to the thunderstorm outside right now. There's also a letter from Ian and Melissa Garrett thanking County Legislator Martha Robertson for her work on a speed-limit reduction in Bethel Grove. In this week's paper, Managing Editor Steven J. Ferrari encourages readers to "Vote for the Person, Not the Party,". Letter writers include Steve Bissen writing to support Paul Lutwak, William Blackwell upset at Republican candidates for campaigning only on the east side of town. There's also a letter from me pointing that stereotypes of Republicans being more fiscally conservative than Democrats simply aren't true.

The older paper reports on the freezing of the Village of Dryden budget, in response to increasing gasoline costs, and covers residents' concerns about a crosswalk on Route 392 (East Main Street) near Dryden Elementary where more notice might help keep children safe. In Anecdotes and Brevities, Harry Weldon contemplates the F.H. Fox bridge.

The newer paper reports on a college prep seminar held for high school students at TC3 last week, in which the students themselves had to plan the seminar.

In sports, the older paper reports on the Dryden girls soccer team winning the IAC championship for the third time in four years, and has a group photo of the Dryden girls swim team.

The newer paper reports on Lansing's defeat of the previously undefeated girls soccer team in a sectional playoff game, with photos of Dryden players Anna Whitmore, Amy LaLonde, Stacey Riker, and Paige Davis. They also have group photos of the Dryden football and volleyball teams.

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