November 7, 2005

Town Board: Vote for Mary Ann Sumner and Paul Lutwak

I've enjoyed this year's relatively quiet Town Board race, and I think voters have an opportunity for change for the better this year. Mary Ann Sumner and Paul Lutwak both bring financial skills and a focus on doing a lot with a little. Mary Ann's experience at the Hanger Theatre and time spent working with finance give her an affinity for numbers I think will be very useful on the Town Board, while Paul Lutwak enjoys finding ways to make things work at low cost in his work for the Newfield schools.

Mary Ann Sumner Paul Lutwak
Mary Ann Sumner and Paul Lutwak.

Both of them seem likely to continue local Democrats' tradition of fiscal prudence while helping the town deal with the challenges of growth, planning, and the upcoming construction of a new Town Hall. Paul is a member of the town Zoning Board of Appeals, while Mary Ann has been attending Town Board, Planning Board, and Conservation Board meetings, including the recent budget hearing. You can read her perspectives, if you'd like more detail.

Paul and Mary Ann would also bring some different geographic perspectives to the board, which will otherwise be completely dominated by the eastern third of town. Paul lives on Midline, slightly further west, while Mary Ann lives on Neimi Road, bringing more of a West Dryden perspective. Both seem interested in the issues of neighborhoods all over the town.

If you're interested in questions like how much money the town has in its reserves, how best to build the Town Hall and what to do with its extra land, or how the town's Comprehensive Plan gets implemented, I recommend voting for Paul Lutwak and Mary Ann Sumner. Not only will they manage these questions well, but they'll seek out and listen to public opinion.

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