November 29, 2005

When 911 goes wrong

The November 23rd Dryden Courier has a story that hopefully won't be repeated: Village of Dryden Police responded to a 911 call on Lee Road, and no one answered. In making sure there wasn't a problem there, they caused $700 of damage to the door. The problem wasn't a silent criminal, however - it was that the 911 call center had the wrong address, and the accidental call came from an elevator at TC3. The Courier has a lot more detail on how this happened and who may in the end have to pay for that door. This kind of problem could have been a lot worse, though it still sounds like a huge headache.

They also have an article on James Barber, an Army Reserve drill sergeant from Dryden who just returned from a year in Iraq spent training the Iraqi Army. Barber, happy to return to his two-year-old daughter, says his trainees were "just...the best soldier unit."

There's also some Dryden schools news, with a report on John Curatolo's retirement from the Dryden School Board to focus on his new Ithaca Police duties. Dryden Transportation Supervisor David Fuller showed the board the impact of higher fuel prices, and called for a four-day school week in the future to reduce the costs of transportation and heating. The Courier has a photo of the Dryden schools' Thanksgiving food drive as well.

For readers in the Ithaca school district, there's an article on the proposed Tompkins County Public Library referendum to raise $540,000 in tax funding from residents of the school district.

There's a listing of local residents who became TC3 Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society members, as well as results from the BOCES senior Cosmetology Competition, with pictures of Dryden competitors.

In sports, it's time to name all-star teams. Paul Gangarossa lists the players for the Ernie Davis Exceptional Seniors All-Star football game, including Abinye Smith, Cory Hollenbeck, Matt Outen, and James Miller of Dryden. The 2005 Finger Lakes Newspapers Girls Soccer All-Stars include Jess Bush and Stacy Riker of Dryden, and the Boys Soccer All-Stars include Kyle Clapper and Jordan Minnis.

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