June 10, 2006

Dairy Day makes it through the rain

Last year's Dairy Day was sunny and sweltering; today's Dairy Day was wet and cold. Despite that, it was still fun both times.

Watching in the rain
Watching in the rain.

Dairy cow in the Dairy Day parade
Dairy cow in the Dairy Day parade.

Firetrucks in the Dairy Day parade

I was in the parade with the Dryden Democrats, so Angelika took all of the photos of the parade (including the ones above). Those pictures, plus some before the parade and a few I took afterward, are in the gallery.

I was also delighted to find something else at Montgomery Park: cheese curds made at a local farm, the Produce Pantry of Wideawake Dairy. They had plain, garlic/onion/chive, and horseradish curds for sale, as well as jalapeño to try. Apparently whatever he didn't sell there will be available at Back to Basics on Route 13. I picked up one each of the ones he was selling, and I'm very happy. The horseradish one is especially nice, with just enough horseradish to taste good without blasting me out of my seat.

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