July 4, 2006

Zipcodes and towns

I felt a little odd listing "Ithaca is Home" as a Dryden blog, but the writer definitely lived in Dryden, almost in Caroline along Route 79 in Bethel Grove.

David Makar has since come to notice that while his mail comes to the Ithaca 14850 zip code (like me), he lives in the Town of Dryden:

Turns out the blog was always supposed to be called "Dryden is Home". I've lived in Dryden (and most importantly paid town taxes every January to the town of Dryden) since our moving caravan arrived on October 14th, 2004. In the past six months I've become a little more attached to Dryden (while still staying somewhat attached to Ithaca - since that is where a majority of my Finger Lakes region customers have their businesses)....

So, Dryden is my home. I started the blog in August of 2004 only really knowing that we were moving to Ithaca (I have an Ithaca mailing address even here in Dryden) and that people would know that Ithaca was home to Cornell (where Avery was going to attend school). See the new tagline above for a minor clarification.

Since I've spent more time driving through the town I've realized there are a lot of great views from a top a lot of the hills. There is a lot of farm acreage here in Dryden and although the street I live on (rt. 79) seems like a bedroom community for Cornell (of the three close neighbor families that I talk to often, four of the six adults work at Cornell), there are a few small businesses (Crispell's, A New Leaf) that must contribute to Dryden's commercial tax base.

It's great to see someone else on the west side of town look around at the town as a whole, and especially cool to see someone in Bethel Grove, which is especially isolated, join the fun.

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Suzy said:

I grew up in Dryden (on Virgil Road).
my dad used to work at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It was a great plce to grow up. It's fun reading about what it's like now - I need to go back & visit one of these days.