August 17, 2006

David Makar for Dryden Town Board

On Tuesday night, the Dryden Democrats gathered for a caucus at Dryden Town Hall and nominated David Makar to be our candidate for Dryden Town Board this fall.

David has run his own website business for three years, with customers in Groton, Ithaca, and the Binghamton area. He lives on Slaterville Road, Route 79, and has been discovering that even though his mailing address says Ithaca (mine does too), he definitely lives in Dryden.

David Makar introduces himself to the Dryden Democrats
David Makar (center) introduces himself to the Dryden Democrats.

Here's a bit of what David had to say the other night:

I want to take just a few minutes of your time to talk about this town board race. This seat on the democratically elected town board is owned by you – voters of the town of Dryden. The seat is not owned by one person or one party, it is owned by the people. The people choose who represents them in this seat on the town board. I hope you will work with me over the next 12 weeks so I can be the representative in your seat on the town board.

Here are three of the topics and themes I would like to focus on as a town board member.

  1. Economic development – at the 13/366 intersection; in Dryden Village and in the hamlet of Varna. With rising gas prices we need local shops to provide us with local services. We can’t afford to drive 15 miles for everyday errands. We need to work together to ask the town to provide a safe environment for businesses to grow and an economical reason for new businesses to start in Dryden. When we know the owners of local businesses we learn to trust each other. This doesn’t happen overnight. We need to spend time working to support our neighbors and to know they will be there for us, if we are there for them.

  2. Broadband Internet and reliable cell phone service throughout the entire town. Every house should have access to inexpensive high speed internet and reliable cell phone service. This is not just for entertainment and social purposes, this isn’t just for business purposes; this is for our own safety and security. In an emergency we need to be able to call out for help.

  3. Dryden’s community centers strengthen the fabric of your town. The town relies on community centers for recreation programming and as a place to provide shelter and safety in an emergency. The community centers need support from the town. The town and the community centers need to work together.

I hope you will consider me today, help me to campaign and that you will support me with your vote on November 7th.

David's opponent in the race for this 1-year term will be Republican Dan Tier, who was appointed by the board to fill the seat in January.

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