September 19, 2006

Alternative Energy Ordinance available

If you'd like to know what the new rules for windmills and other alternative energy conversion systems in the Town might look like eventually, you can read the proposed Renewable Energy Facilities Law of the Town of Dryden, New York.

This was introduced at the last Town Board meeting, and will have a public hearing October 3rd 5th. There are a fair number of steps to go before this becomes law, but hopefully homeowners in Dryden will be able to install small systems soon, while those opposed to large-scale systems like those Cornell proposed and withdrew last year can rest easy.

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Mary Ann said:

Simon, I'm pretty sure the public hearing will be October 5. And I think it will be at the Neptune Hose Company. But I'm not actually sure of either of these details. I just hope I show up at the right place at the right time. Please keep your eye on the Public Notices page of the Town website.

Incidently, wind, solar, geothermal energy are no longer considered "alternative." They are more accurately referred to as renewable energy.