September 14, 2006

New Cortland Standard web site

I'm delighted to report that the Cortland Standard now has a web site. Their issue on the 12th includes a report on the Dryden 9/11 memorial, and I'm sure there will be more Dryden news to come.

I often find the Cortland Standard's Dryden reporting deeper than the Ithaca Journal's, and always a good complement to it, but I've only been able to get the paper when I'm on the east side of town, which isn't consistent enough. This should be a tremendous help.

Posted by simon at September 14, 2006 7:47 AM in
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KAZ said:

Hallelujah! I've been waiting for this for 12 years. Thanks for letting us know.

rounds said:

very good newspaper, very informative