November 3, 2006

Baked good extravaganzas

Whether you're on the east side or the west side of Dryden, pies, cakes, and other fine baked goods will be readily available. In the Village of Dryden:

The Dryden Town Historical Society's annual homemade Pie & Bread Sale will be held next Saturday, November 4th, from 9 AM until ?? at the 1st National Bank of Dryden. Members can bring donations of pies or breads to the bank between 9 AM and 10:30 AM.

Dryden is home to some of the best bakers in the county so be sure to get there early for the best selection. (A word to the wise, in recent years we have sold out by 11 AM.) Hope to see you there!

In Varna:

On Saturday, the annual Holiday Craft Fair and Bake Sale will be happening at the community center. We would love to have your contributions to the Bake Sale. Some of the ladies are baking cupcakes and breads, but we would welcome your baked goods as well.

Baked goods should be at the center by 8:30AM on Saturday. Volunteers will be setting up and cooking on Friday evening, if you wish to drop off goodies then.

Whether you're looking to donate or to enjoy a tasty treat, there should be plenty of options.

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