January 30, 2007

Village caucuses tonight

I was just on WHCU 870 talking about tonight's Village of Dryden caucuses. Here's a recap.

Village of Dryden residents are invited to caucuses for choosing candidates for the Village of Dryden's March 20th election. Three positions held by Republicans are up for election: Mayor (Reba Taylor) and two Trustee seats (Bob Witty and Randy Sterling). All of these positions are for two-year terms.

Both parties will be holding their caucuses tonight, Tuesday, January 30th, at 8:00pm:

  • Democrats will be meeting in the second floor of Village Hall, 16 South Street, Dryden (map). Please use the side door.

  • Republicans will be meeting at the Dryden Town Hall, 65 East Main Street, Dryden (map).

Caucuses are a "let's get together and choose" kind of meeting rather than the more formal primary approach. To participate in the caucus, you must be a registered voter of the appropriate party for the caucus, and must live in the Village of Dryden. You don't, however, have to be a registered party member of a party to be a candidate - you just have to be a registered voter. Republicans can run Democrats as candidates, Democrats can run Libertarians, and so on.

It's a great way to see local politics at work, and I strongly encourage Village residents to attend.

(Incidentally, at the Town level, the Democrats also hold a caucus, while the Republicans use petitions and a primary if needed. That all happens later in the year, usually between May and August.)

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