February 8, 2007

Spitzer opens fire

Wow. Spitzer's serious:

During a swing through Syracuse that was originally scheduled for the governor to promote his budget priorities, Mr. Spitzer denounced a local assemblyman, William B. Magnarelli, for reneging on the agreement that the Legislature had made to select a comptroller from a list of qualified candidates put forward by a screening committee.

"Bill Magnarelli is one of those unfortunate Assembly members who just raises his hand when he’s told to do so, and didn’t even bother to stand up and say, 'Whose interest am I representing?' " he told The Post-Standard of Syracuse on Thursday.

It was, by Albany standards, a shocking breach of etiquette for a sitting governor to lambaste a colleague from his own party in his home district.

There is, of course, some complaining. Assemblyman Brodsky moans that:

"It is absolutely possible to agree or disagree with the governor or the speaker without being morally inferior"

Unfortunately, the Assembly Democrats already showed their moral feelings by electing the comptroller in a closed caucus. I think it's fair to say they've lost the right to claim the moral highground, if they ever had it.

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