May 15, 2007

Chicks head outside

Last time I reported on the chicks, they were sprouting feathers. I should have taken some pictures of their vulture-like phase, but didn't.

Chicks feathered out
Chicks with feathers, and an inquistive dog.

They're not pullets yet, but they're getting closer. Their big adventure today was leaving the house - they're large enough now that six of them is not a pleasant thing indoors. They're still in the box, but now they're fertilizing a bed in the garden, which will eventually grow tomatoes.

Brooder box in the garden
Brooder box in the garden.

In the long run, they'll be living in the front yard, with a proper coop and some fences, and maybe go out for expeditions sometimes. For right now, though, it seems like it's time to expose them to the natural changes of weather outside, though we put a lid on the top door for tonight's rain.

I'll also be changing the box to give them more room to stand up - I think the ceiling's a bit low for them now.

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Mary Ann said:

You might want to put a dish of dry soil in the box with them. I noticed yesterday that my chicks wanted nothing more than to dust bathe in their food dish. I put a pie plate of dirt in the cage for them and they promptly tried to get in at all at the same time. Also, they should have grit - the small stones that substitute for teeth. I'll give you some if you like so you won't have to buy a huge bag of it.

I love reading about your chickens, and I would really like to see pictures of the coop. I've toyed with the idea of having a few ~ Ian just thinks I'm nuts!