July 10, 2007

East/West at Tompkins Weekly; coming elections

This week's issue of Tompkins Weekly offers not just its usual one, but three stories on Dryden.

The first, on page 3, examines the continuing divide between the east and west sides of Dryden, looking at the question of recreation as a key breaking point. I'm not quite sure why Supervisor Steve Trumbull thinks that 75% of students are on the east side of town, as that seems way out of balance with the rest of the demographics, but it's a story worth reading.

The next Dryden article is on page 7, looks at the state of local campaigns for November. On the Republican side, both Supervisor Trumbull and Town Board member Marty Christofferson will depart at the end of the year, and Town Board member Steve Stelick seems to be planning a departure at the end of his term in 2009. I'm quoted a bit on the Democratic candidates. Those who have announced so far include:

  • Town Board member Mary Ann Sumner, running for Supervisor.

  • Town Board member David Makar, running for re-election. (His election last November was for a one-year term.)

  • Jason Leifer, who will be running for Town Justice.

On page 14, Railey Jane Savage writes about the June 30th Freeville United Methodist Church barbecue.

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