July 2, 2007

HUD loan sorted

I'm behind in covering the June Town Board meeting, and behind in covering the Dryden Courier. Fortunately Matt Cooper reports on the Town Board meeting in the June 20th Courier, so I can manage them together.

The Courier leads with the resolution of what had been a contentious conversation over the HUD loan to Cayuga Press, caused by the company moving the equipment purchased with the loan - as well as the associated jobs - to Cortland. At June's Town Board meeting, Cayuga Press and the Town set terms including a higher interest rate and the possibility of eventual termination if the Town finds other projects to invest the HUD money in. (It's a revolving fund, so money that comes back from the loan can be loaned again to other local businesses.)

The Town also voted to keep its Industrial Development Agency, hoping to reactivate it for a more active role in encouraging businesses to come to Dryden. They also accepted the resignation of Recreation Coordinator Jennifer Dube, heard about issues with the installation of sewage flow monitors in the Cortland Road Sewer District, and agreed to store books for the Southworth Library book sale in the old Town Hall once they move to the new Town Hall.

Cooper also reports on the Dryden Central School District's opening the Freeville Elementary School's cafeteria to anyone 18 and under - free of charge - this summer. Breakfast will be available weekdays between June 25th and August 10th from 8:30am to 9:30am and lunch will be available from noon to 1:00pm. Food will adhere to the same standards school food normally does. (Freeville is eligible for a grant paying for this because 66% of its students receive free or reduced price lunches.) There will also be a summer camp at the same time.

Inside the paper, there's an article on Jack and Jeanine Scott of Dryden, and their cooking together. They include recipes for Left-over Grilled Chicken Salad and Green Beans, as well as a green beans recipe.

In sports, Spencer Hoyt of Dryden made the 2006-7 Finger Lakes Newspapers Baseball All-Stars.

Harry Weldon visits the Dryden Sertoma Club in Anecdotes and Brevities. Matt Cooper reflects on graduation and what it means, and the History House's overflow crowd during Dairy Day.

They have photos of the Dryden High School class of 2007, and an article from the class advisor on the class's accomplishments.

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