August 17, 2007

Dryden schools superintendent moves on

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that Dryden schools superintendent Mark Crawford will be leaving Dryden to become superintendent in Hamburg, NY. Crawford, who has served as Dryden superintendent for three years, grew up in the Hamburg area and has family there. He will continue to serve in Dryden through October.

On the opinion page, there's a guest column by Stan Marcus about the "imminent major invasion of the emerald ash borer". Marcus points readers to a resource site for more information about this pretty but devastating insect, and expresses his concern that this will reach our area unless immediate cooperative action is taken. (Marcus is identified as "a member of Town of Dryden Conservation Board and Tompkins County Environmental Council", with no mention that he's running for Dryden Town Board. I'm not sure if that lack of mention is a good or a bad thing. I'll have to think about it.)

Also on the opinion page, Cindy Pataki of Freeville expresses her concern about the feral cats in the area and calls on readers to support the SPCA.

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