August 18, 2007

Storm dims lights

I came home last night to find my house without power, and apparently a lot of other people had similar problems with the weather. The night before last we'd watched a dead tree topple into our yard, so it's been an interesting few days.

The Journal has an extended piece about the costs of healthcare in Tompkins County. While it doesn't mention Dryden residents directly, I suspect we all understand what they're talking about.

On the opinion page, Darts and Laurels includes a thank you from Village of Dryden Mayor Reba Taylor to the Village Beautification Project, and a mysterious farewell from Jennie Daley, who covered Dryden for the Journal for the first few years I ran this site. (I worry that she was the last person at the Journal with any knowledge of Dryden; I guess we'll see.)

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