August 22, 2007

Vegetables across the road

I wrote earlier about The Orchid Place's building a garden for squash. They've had a sign up for a few weeks, advertising veggies for sale, and over the past few weeks I've gotten to try a few tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash, all quite tasty.

Veggies for sale.
Veggies for sale.

Vegetables, in person.
Vegetables, in person: tomatoes, cucumbers, and OPO and bitter squashes.

They aren't actually growing these huge volumes of squash for the neighborhood. Like the orchids, they're mainly destined for Wegmans. It's great that they sell them where they're grown though, giving people a chance to connect with food grown in their neighborhood. That big OPO squash made for a huge dinner last night, as you can see in the photo gallery, with plenty of leftovers. The cucumbers I'll eat raw. The bitter squash (white and green) is more of a challenge, though I like the idea of freezing thin slices and eating it with sugar. We'll see!

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