September 29, 2007

Grape pie

I haven't seen a lot of grape pie around Dryden, though maybe someone's making it. We were coming back from a wedding in Palmyra, north and west of here, and I took a detour on to Route 414, remembering that grape pies might be available there. The one I remembered was crazily sweet, and I wasn't sure Angelika would like this, but it was a regional specialty I just had to try again.

We stopped at Martha Manor Farm on 414 in Lodi, and got this delicious pie:

Delicious grape pie.
Delicious grape pie, partly enjoyed.

Wow. It was definitely Concord Grape, but it's not overbearingly sweet, and the crust balances the filling perfectly.

I either need to learn how to make these, or find an excuse to spend a lot more time in Lodi in September and October.

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