January 14, 2008

Drive-by deer shooting in Varna

At the pancake breakfast on Sunday, I heard one of the crazier stories I've heard in a while.

One of the women working the breakfast mentioned a "drive-by shooting", and I wondered what had happened. Fortunately, it wasn't against humans - someone had shot a deer from their car and kept on driving. She'd heard the shot and seen the deer go down, a doe that often stood in that particular spot.

She wound up calling the Sheriff, who sent over the State Police, who put the deer down. They called the DEC, who came to collect the deer (to donate the venison to food pantries) and speculate on just how many laws had been broken:

  • Shooting a deer out of season.

  • Shooting from a moving vehicle.

  • Shooting too close to a road.

  • Shooting too close to a house.

I'm sure there are plenty more. We also speculated about various other crimes these cheerful people might be up to. Unfortunately she didn't see the car.

The DEC said this has been happening more often lately, but hopefully it'll stay rare and become rarer. I completely support legal hunting, and think we have too many deer, but this is completely out of line. Hopefully this idiot will try this near a DEC person, and finally get caught.

And if you see it, call it in.

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KAZ said:

There are two DEC Eco officers assigned to the whole county. Good luck trying to round up all the idiots who spotlight deer out of season. This is a state position that is woefully underfunded and understaffed.