February 18, 2008

Dryden Democratic primary details

I was curious what the district-by-district breakdown of election results was, given that Groton Democrats seemed unified in cheering on Hillary Clinton while Dryden Democrats were divided. The Board of Elections has posted final results, so I can take a closer look. (They did combine a few districts, though.)

1+5West Dryden, Etna115101
3+7East and North of Village of Dryden, to McLean9861
4+9Varna to Ellis Hollow Road198275
6Village of Dryden west of 13/386967
8Snyder Hill, Bethel Grove89197
10Southeastern Hills5557
11Dryden Lake7238

The northern and eastern edges of Dryden generally went for Clinton, while southern and western went for Obama. District 11 went nearly 2-1 for Clinton, while District 8 went more than 2-1 for Obama. I'm a little surprised by the tie in Freeville and the two vote margin in the western half of the Village of Dryden as well as the southeastern hills, all of which I'd have guessed to be more likely Clinton.

(Groton Democrats voted for Clinton 253-146, while Cortland County Democrats went for Clinton 2204-992.)

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